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Welcome to NHance® of Chattanooga - about us

Tearing out dated cabinets can cost you a fortune but what if you could refinish and update your existing cabinets?

NHance® of Chattanooga offers a variety of products and services that will leave cabinets looking more beautiful, elegant and more valuable than before. Our philosophy is that you don't have to replace your cabinets to update your kitchen. For 1/5th the price of new cabinets, NHance® of Chattanooga can paint/stain and refinish your cabinets to make them look new again.

Our state-of-the-art techniques and products can turn your existing oak cabinets into gorgeous white cabinets with chocolate glazing or go from a light oak to a rich English Chestnut. Either way NHance® of Chattanooga cabinets are professionally produced and will look perfect in your kitchen.

NHance® of Chattanooga provides an extended guarantee on everything we refinish from cabinets to floors.

Finally, as a Home Depot subsidiary and with over 250 franchisees strong, our methods, techniques and products are proven EVERYDAY.

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