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Mother’s Day gift guide

Updated: May 2, 2011 04:42 PM EDT
Don't get the cool, tech-savvy mom in your life a set of oven mitts for Mother's Day this year. © iStockphoto / Thinkstock Don't get the cool, tech-savvy mom in your life a set of oven mitts for Mother's Day this year. © iStockphoto / Thinkstock

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Treat Mom to a high-tech gift she'll use every day with our Mother's Day gift guide.

Buying a gift for the mother in your life, whether it be your own or your children's, can be a tricky enterprise. You have to avoid certain stereotypically "mother" inspired gifts, and the same holds true for tech-inspired presents. Yes, there are some very cool high-tech baby monitors and vacuum cleaners on the market, but no mother wants one of those on her special day. In other words, her tech-inspired gift should be about her. So without further ado, here are our top tech picks for mom. Whether you're giving her something she'll lust after or simply love, this gift guide's got something for everyone.

Spare no expense:
Google TV
, $400 and up

Four-hundred clams is a big chunk of change to throw down, but isn't mom the one who birthed you or the significant smaller people in your life? Doesn't she deserve to have all the household music, movies, home videos, TV shows, photos from the family vacation, and apps easily viewable on her TV screen, with access to anything Internet to boot? She can even "fling" a video or song to the TV instantly from a networked PC. I know one mother who would squeal with delight to own one of these Google TV packages, available from Logitech and Sony. 

On a budget:
Apple TV or Roku XDS, $99

Mom will understand if Google TV is not in the familial budget this month, and she may not be the wiser if you wrap her up an Apple TV or Roku XDS set-top box, both some of the best values we've seen in consumer electronics in eons. A little shy of $100 gets you a lot of what Google TV offers, such as streaming movies, music, and photos to your TV, and some of your favorite website, like YouTube. Neither offer full Web access, however, which is only offered with GoogleTV.

Spare no expense:
iPad 2, $500 and up

The original iPad was a boon to moms everywhere, allowing them to organize their schedules, finances, health, and even playdates (yes, there are apps for that). They can also entertain themselves (not to mention kids) with books, movies, and games, educate with brain teasers, puzzles, and language lessons. The lighter and thinner iPad 2 improves upon the first iteration by adding built-in cameras so she can videochat with kids away at college. The slick new magnetic Smart Cover in several different colors also lets you customize it just for her. Sure, you could bide your time and wait for the iPad 3, but the fact that you didn't will make the mom in your life feel that much more special.

On a budget:
Mount Me Mobile iPad Mount, $50

MountMe is the perfect companion for any trip, whether you're taking mom for a much-deserved weekend getaway, or the whole family is packed in the minivan for a road trip. This handy mount attaches to car or plane seats, boats, walls, mirrors, desktops and more via either the attachable strap or suction cups. She can even mount it at home in the kitchen for easy access to her Epicurious app.

Spare no expense:
PeachTree Audio Music Box, $699 and up

Does your mother spend most of her musical life plugged into to headphones or listening to audio off her computer? Treat her to something special this mother's day by making her music sound a zillion times better. The guys at Peachtree Audio strive to make digital music sound as good as music played through a high-end CD player by converting all those digital 1's and 0's via its own internal, high-performance digital-to-analog converter. For added cool factor, you can actually see the special vacuum tube preamplifier aglow on the front panel. Sure, it's a splurge at seven hundred bones, but the value of hearing all the wonderful detail in her digital music is priceless.

On a budget:
Diane Von Furstenberg
Laptop and iPad Cases, $135 to $150

Fashionistas will pay a pretty penny for a Diane Von Furstenburg dress, most likely in one of her colorful, signature prints. Now Diane Von Furstenburg has translated her love of textiles to the realm of technology with laptop and iPad covers for any tech-savvy woman who wants to make an impression. Whether your mom or baby mama is toting her iPad to a power lunch or a PTA meeting, she'll turn heads with any of these gorgeous accessories. We especially love the Mariela Laptop Case.

Spare no expense:
Olympus PEN-PL2, $600

New mothers everywhere resolutely agree that their previous digital point-and-shoot camera is neither good enough nor fast enough to catch kids' fleeting expressions. She needs a camera that is fast, offers lots of shooting modes so she doesn't have to read a laborious manual, and will fit comfortably in her bag. Olympus' PEN-PL2, fits the bill. For starters, it's not as big as a D-SLR, but offers more functionality and better images than a pocket digicam. Olympus' new Live Guide II feature lets her preview effects for photos and videos and compose the perfect shot before she snaps, which will in turn allow her to bring in antsy children at the very last minute. From portraits to sunset, the camera also offers 22 scene-select modes to take the thinking out of shooting. As a major bonus, the PEN-PL2 also shoots 720p video and outputs it directly to your HDTV. Very cool.

On a budget:
Casio Tryx, $250

Ever notice that mom is nowhere to be found in most of the family photos? That's because mothers are usually the family archivists. They are the ones that remember to bring the camera, and actually use it. That's why mom will love this little camera, which can be swiveled this way and that in its own chassis. In effect this makes the Tryx both camera and mini tripod, allowing her to hop in front of the camera alongside the rest of the brood for family pics without that annoying and ultimately unframeable arm-reach-thing happening.

Spare no expense:
Klipsch Image S5i All-Weather Ear Buds
, $130

You'll never get her to splurge on something as utilitarian as ear buds, but she'll love the musical clarity and ruggedness of this unique set. They feature oval ear tips for comfort, are moisture-resistant, and even offer full music and voice control on some Apple products. The powerful bass, reduced distortion, and overall better music experience make these worth the cost of admission. And if that isn't enough, exaggerated buttons make it easy to change songs or volume while she's on the treadmill.

On a budget:
Samsung BD-D7000 Blu-ray Player, $300

Mom loves watching high-def movies just as much as the next gal. What she doesn't like, however, is a lot of visible gear in her entertainment center taking up space, creating heat, and collecting dust bunnies. That's why she will love Samsung's new ultra-compact BD-D700 Blu-ray player, which is a design and engineering feat. It's a full DVD player that is the size of an external DVD drive!  

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